Belize is erst set as British Honduras and is a dinky pastoral of more or less 280,00 nation. It is the sole English tongued land in Central America and is a constitutional monarchy and general assembly democracy that recognizes Queen Elizabeth II as sovereign. Belize, as near other Central American countries (Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador) and southeasterly Mexico, was primitively preconcerted by the ancient Maya. There are finished two-dozen documented ancient Mayan linguistic groups in this area, iii of which at the moment reside in Belize. The Maya right now generate up more or less 10% of the people of Belize and involve the Yucatec in the northeastward essential the Yucatan border, the Q'eqchi in the south, warm Punta Gorda, and the Mopan, in western Belize hard by the boundary town of Benque Viejo del Carmen.


Paleoindian is the earliest clip spell recorded in Belize in so doing far (Ca. 11,500 - 8000 BC) this is followed by the Archaic (Ca. 8000 - 900 BC) and the vague ancient Maya Chronology that follows these preceramic periods include:

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* Preclassic - 900 BC to AD 250 (often cited as untimely as 1500 BC)

* Classic - AD 250 to 900

* Postclassic - AD 900 to 1500

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* Historic and Colonial - AD 1500 to Present

Numerous sites and city-states existed in Belize that stand for these incident periods, notably: Cerros, Colha, Cuello, Caracol, Xunantunich, Cahal Pech, Lamanai, Altun Ha, Lubaantun, El Pilar, Santa Rita, and divine caves that consider Barton Creek, Actun Tunichil Muknal, and Che Chem Ha. The professional what went before of the Maya in southeast Mexico and Central America is long specially since nowadays in that are complete 5 a million Maya posterity and Belize is indisputably a component part of this.


Early 16th period of time store bespeak that in AD 1544 the Maya urban of Lamanai, in union Belize, was to be sector of the Spanish encomienda set of laws (royal economic aid to a Spaniard for the authority to labour and award a autochthonal population, they are as well culpable for christianizing the natives). Although nearby sure enough are hasty reports of Spanish association in other areas of the New World, the recognizable mention of Lamanai and the creating from raw materials of a Spanish cathedral at Lamanai nigh on AD 1570 equip firmly unstylish European station control in Belize.

The Maya society these freshman Europeans encountered were a greatly different people that had undergone many a transformations since the distance from the ground of the "Classic Period". Contact in Belize with Europeans was unfavourable to the current Maya through disease, slavery, and operational. During the 18th time period through work concessions given to Britain by Spain the present-day boundaries of Belize were created. Spain claimed self-rule but did not finalize the estate. The British settlers at this instance were primarily ex-pirates who were no longest substantiated by their governments who were now attempting to print out robbery. These settlers named for British post and guard from the attacks by the Spanish and left behind Maya populations. The most familiar of the British armed forces participation was the Battle of St. George's Caye in 1798; it was the conflict that obvious the end of the Spanish claims to the domain.


It took whatsoever two cardinal geezerhood after Spanish communication for Belize to gain freedom from Spain, it was in 1871 that Belize was officially avowed a British Crown Colony. After this clip both the people and reduction grew significantly, the system principally central circa forest products of Mahogany, chicle, and wood. The people increases incorporated groups of African, Garifuna, mestizo (a mix of Spanish and Maya travel), and Maya refugees fleeing the Caste War in Mexico. During the ordinal and beforehand 20th centuries a cipher of Indian and Chinese bound laborers arrived after the conclusion of slavery, and Palestinian, Lebanese, and Syrian Arabs too began arriving, fleeing the embassy anxiety in the Middle East. It was in the 1950's that Belize backed a unique ceasefire with Mennonites from Mexico; this resolution provides Mennonites next to sovereignty of the same kind to what Native Americans in the United States were given.

It was as well in 1950 that George Price led the race for Belizean Independence. As next to other British colonies autonomy was achieved in 1964. Due to Guatemala's unremitting menace to catch Belize past the British force out, Belize's so sovereignty did not pilfer slot until September 21, 1981. Since Belize needed filling and had no service forces a full instance British armed service remained in Belize until 1994.

Belize is a engrossing rural area and immigrations through with the old age have created a unparalleled multi-cultural sociable social group.

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